Lesley Councill - Manager

Lesley has been with us since 2006, taking on the role of Manager. Before joining our team, she had worked as a PA at an electrical contractors, an insurance underwriter, and even as a childminder while her three sons were young. With her extensive experience in various fields, Lesley brings a diverse set of skills to her position. She is also a local resident, which adds to her understanding of the community we serve. In her free time, Lesley enjoys pursuing various hobbies, which not only helps her relax but also keeps her engaged and passionate. We are fortunate to have Lesley as part of our team, as she brings valuable expertise and a strong work ethic to her role as Manager.

Anita Scovell - Finance

Anita, who lives locally, joined as a volunteer in 2016. She dedicated her time and efforts to various tasks and responsibilities within the organisation. During the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Anita took the opportunity to further her studies. Her determination and hard work paid off, as she successfully completed her studies and gained valuable knowledge in the field of finance. In January 2022, Anita was offered the role of Finance Administrator, a position she gladly accepted. With her newfound expertise and commitment, she is ready to contribute to the financial management of the organisation. Aside from her professional achievements, Anita is a loving mother of three sons, which further highlights her multitasking abilities and dedication. Her presence and contributions in the organisation have made a positive impact, and she continues to be an asset to the team.

Lisa Herd - Events Coordinator

Lisa is a valuable addition to the team, joining us in July 2022 as an Office Administrator and Activities Coordinator. With her background in Finance and office administration, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Lisa is a dedicated professional who is committed to ensuring the smooth running of our office and coordinating various activities for the community centre including the well loved Summer Activity Days in the local park and our Priorswood Christmas Market which makes a positive impact on the community. Beyond her professional life, Lisa is a proud mother and wife, with two loving sons. Her family is an important part of her life, and she strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance. With her skills, experience, and dedication, Lisa is an integral member of our team and contributes significantly to our overall success.