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The Priorswood Community Centre has 3 rooms available to hire.

The main area of the Centre is suitable for a maximum of 30 people.

The Sue Kilbey interview room is suitable for a maximum of 8 people.

The Acorn interview room is suitable for a maximum of 4 people.


Please contact the Community Centre on 01823 353643 for our current hire charges.  All room bookings are subject to the conditions below.

Booking Conditions

These conditions are intended to ensure that the centre remains equipped and in good condition for everyone in the community to use and enjoy.

A folder of instructions will be left by the first aid box in the kitchen area.

1.  The main room is suitable for a maximum of 30 people. This number should be reduced by 2 for each pushchair or wheelchair present. The large interview room is suitable for a maximum of 8 people and the small interview room is suitable for a maximum of 4 people.

2.  All hirers are expected to vacate the premises by the time agreed on their booking form.

3.  The centre must be left clean and tidy. A cordless vacuum is provided for cleaning purposes, this is located on the wall behind the reception desk.

4.  Breakages must be reported and paid for.

5.  Keys are to be kept by the hirer and should not be given to anyone else. No equipment, furniture or fittings may be removed. Any such removal will be regarded as theft. The hirer will be responsible for any such losses whilst they are in possession of keys.

6.  The hirer shall ensure that any electrical appliances brought by them to the premises and used there shall be safe, P.A.T. tested, in good working order, and used in a safe manner.

7.  The hirer must not bring highly flammable substances into the centre. Flammable internal decorations must always be kept away from lights and heaters.

8.  The hirer may not bring in their own heating appliances.

9.  Bookings for parties can be taken but must be approved by the management committee.

10.  There shall be no smoking on the premises.

11.  No alcohol to be consumed on the premises without prior agreement with the management committee.

12.  Noise must be kept to reasonable levels out of consideration for neighbouring businesses and people living above the centre.

13.  North Taunton partnership has the right to refuse a booking if they believe its purpose conflicts with the principles of equal opportunities or the welfare of the community.

14.  We reserve the right to charge a 50% deposit. Full payment will be required if the booking is cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice.

15.  Insurance must be provided by the hirer. The Community Centre does not hold a PRS/PPL music licence. If the hirer wishes to use music they must have the appropriate licences in place.

16.  The hirer shall not use the centre for any purpose other than that described in the hiring agreement. The hirer shall not sub-hire, or use the centre or allow it to be used, for any unlawful purpose. The hirer must not bring onto the premises anything which may endanger the centre or render invalid any insurance policies and must not allow the consumption of alcohol.

17.  There is a kitchen area but tea/coffee/milk is not provided.

18.  All rubbish must be taken away with you.


  • The first aid kit, accident register and near miss register are located in the kitchen. Please complete the relevant register if an incident occurs whilst you are using the room giving name, address, time, date and description of the incident. This will enable us to make sure that the room is kept safe for all our users.
  • Call 999 or 112 for emergencies.
  • There is no telephone service available to anyone booking the rooms, please make provision to bring a mobile telephone with you in case of emergency, the nearest public telephone box is located 50 metres from the premises.
  • Fire exits are located in the main community room and in the Acorn room through the kitchen.
  • The North Taunton Partnership cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to property within the premises.
  • If you have any comments concerning the Centre, such as improvements that could be made, or if there are any faulty or damaged items that should be attended to, please contact us in the centre or by telephoning 01823 353643 or emailing


Thank you for booking the Community Centre and we hope your event is a success. 


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